Vibe Featured in Scrambled Crates series.

So my interweb homegirl @Jillzworth ( ) has put together some genius things including Scrambled Crates witch features numerous producers all chopping and sampling the same sample. This shit is ill and gives producers shine without having to compete all the time!

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Codeen “The Variety Pack” FREE

My homie Codeen has put out a new mixtape with some choice production by myself. DONT SLEEP! This is my homie i came up with, he is unlike any artists, he has his own lane and says some shit that might take you weeks to understand. The mixtape is hosted by HipHopDX’s own Mike Trampe and Phillys own DJ NoPhrillz. Be on the look out from alot of new material from Codeen and myself in 2011. We have some serious takeover shit planned!


UPDATE: 2011 is right around the corner…

So, 2011 is approaching rapidly and i got ALOT of projects in the mix.

Currently im working with an artist out of Boston named Redlist (Scribblenauts). What started as a 1 or 2 song collaboration has turned into a full blown album in no time. Redlist is an emcee’s emcee, this dude has skills. Were about 5 songs deep and much more to come, ill update again with more details. Expect a classic! (Twitter: @Redlist )

Also, im working on a project with my Philly brother Vas, entitled V for Vigoda (yes Vigoda, as in Abe) real raw, grimey, “straight out the basement” type beats and flows, Vas is a fuckin beast and the things we come up with are genius (well we think so) Be on the look out for that real soon! (Twitter @Vasilladelph )

Finally, im also working on an EP with my brother Kane (B. Kane) ive had the beats for this album finished for some time and Kane has been writing, were expecting a few features from some great artists. Kane is a legend in Philadelphia and when this LP is complete its sure to be a classic. (Twitter: @Northphillykane )