UPDATE: 2011 is right around the corner…

So, 2011 is approaching rapidly and i got ALOT of projects in the mix.

Currently im working with an artist out of Boston named Redlist (Scribblenauts). What started as a 1 or 2 song collaboration has turned into a full blown album in no time. Redlist is an emcee’s emcee, this dude has skills. Were about 5 songs deep and much more to come, ill update again with more details. Expect a classic! (Twitter: @Redlist )

Also, im working on a project with my Philly brother Vas, entitled V for Vigoda (yes Vigoda, as in Abe) real raw, grimey, “straight out the basement” type beats and flows, Vas is a fuckin beast and the things we come up with are genius (well we think so) Be on the look out for that real soon! (Twitter @Vasilladelph )

Finally, im also working on an EP with my brother Kane (B. Kane) ive had the beats for this album finished for some time and Kane has been writing, were expecting a few features from some great artists. Kane is a legend in Philadelphia and when this LP is complete its sure to be a classic. (Twitter: @Northphillykane )


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