Audioleak presents…Elmatic “Dirty Laundry”

This mix is brought to you by Audioleak, for its soon-to-be-released webzine/downloadable magazine. I’ll hit you with the link when it drops. Big ups to AtotheZeem. You could probably break him off if you had something good to throw in his mag.

So…Dirty Laundry: I gave you the 16 most brolic tracks of 2011…I gave you the 14 weirdest bangers of 2011…This here’s the 19 funkiest-ass joints of 2011.

As A Lion – Esoteric / Distractions – Talib Kweli /Manute Bol – The Black Opera / Nerd English – Willie Evans Jr / Burning The Mirror – Jedi Mind Tricks / Kings – Falside / Swamp Breathe – Ill Clinton / Seijun Suzuki -Blue Scholars / Triggerman – DJ Revolution / Nasty -Nas / Inner Passage – Dday One / Right On – Paul White / Child Of The 90s – Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven / Like Father, Like Son – Onra / Dump Truck (Instrumental) – Gangrene / Murder One – Lewis Parker (feat. EastKoast, Vast Aire, T.R.A.C, Sav Kills & Baron) /Chicken Spot Rock – Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire (feat. Dallas Tha Kid) / Cessation – Aeon Grey & Sabicas /Who We Are (Instrumental) – Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul

Shouts to the homie Elmatic for the nod.