Our Vinyl – Ill Clinton

  The idea behind Ragnarok is based on the old Norse Mythology of the term “Ragnarok”. Which is basically the destruction of the current world and the re-creation of a new one. With that in mind, I developed the tape into two parts, Side A being the destruction and Side B being the re-creation. I created each track, not only to stand out individually, but to tell a story. I wasn’t necessarily creating individual songs, but maybe one big song. I wanted Side A (Tracks 1-7) to have a darker, more destructive feel. I wanted the listener to understand the concept of the album and give it the feel of a movie soundtrack. I wanted the listener to be able to close their eyes and picture the world (any world) coming to an end. The fall of the times, so to say. I guess when people think “destruction” they probably think of buildings falling down, guns firing, etc. Thats fine, but picture more of an ancient world. Axes being swung, spells being cast, dragons being slayed – haha! – a fantasy world. Whatever works for you as the listener is fine, though. Its all in your head. I just want to give you an opportunity to put some music on and escape for a little while  I also tried to give the project more of a vintage feel, based more in fantasy and experimenting than anything. A real lo-fi sound. So when you listen to the first side, listen to it from start to finish. [That goes for the project as a whole, also.]

The making of Side B (Tracks 8-14) was more of a challenge for me. I think i have mastered the “dark sound” so i gotta say Side A was more of a natural process. With Side B, I challenged myself to try and create a more “uplifting” sound. Being that the concept of Side B is “Re-creation”, I had no other choice. I was trying to create a new world, a more peaceful world. I want the listener to relax. I felt like Side B was a huge learning experience for me. It gave me a better understanding of sounds, samples, drums and new ways of incorporating them. It was a clean slate, a chance for me to experiment as a producer and open up my mind to new, different production techniques. Like with any project i work on, i really aim to set a mood. With this project I knew that beyond that, I also had to create a story Arc, which was challenging for me. I wanted it to play through as a complete project. Ultimately, take a half hour and play it all the way through. That will give you the best experience. When I let my girlfriend listen to the final product, without any knowledge of the concept she said “Wow, the 2nd side was way happier.” After hearing that, I felt comfortable calling it Ragnarok. All in all, creating this project was the most fun i have had to date with instrumental music. All the research i did on Norse Mythology was really an eye opening experience. It gave me a chance to learn about new things. Ive become fascinated with it. I hope to explore Scandinavia in person one day. The End….?



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