The Illvolution



Planning to release this on Tuesday the 14th, i got impatient and let it go on the 13th.  The Illvolution was a long time coming, at least in my mind.  Ive wanted to put something like this together since 2008, but nobody had a damn clue who i was.  I started to piece it together in 2012 and was surprised at how many artists came through with almost no questions asked. I have to say thank you to everyone involved.  Ive been thankful to work with a handful of talented artists over the past few years, to have earned a certain level of respect from all the people involved is an honor. [of course im speculating, but why else contribute to a free album with no budget?] Everyone featured on this project is dope. Period.  I wasn’t out to reach a specific type of fan. I was out to be selfish and get as many dope artists to rap on my beats, as possible.  So, those featured on this project again thank you.

  As far as naming it The Illvolution, this album is essentially a culmination of everything ive been able to achieve musically. The evolution of ILL. Or The Revolution…whatever that means.

Shout to John E Cab for mixing the majority of the project.  As Us Natives, we have alot on the table for 2014.  Including an EP with New Jersey artist Skrewtape called No Filter.  We have also released a free track with Planetary of Outerspace —


Thats all for now…oh yeah “Mediums” coming SOON……….

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