Ill Clinton – Ragnarok [Cassette Tape]

Its been about a week since i have released my newest instrumental project. Its available for FREE download and $6.00 for a limited edition cassette tape Ragnarok….


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With the opening strings reverberating chasmicly, listeners are instantly made aware of the sonic scope and depth that Ragnarok occupies. Clinton is in no rush here to convey his inspiration of the mythical lore that this project is steeped in. As a result, the sounds stretch expansively and naturally; drums erupt with their fall-out lingering well into the next hit, horns exhale until literal deflation, and synths drone panoramically above. It’s vastly ominous; something like the sparser moments of The Crow‘s film score…” – Hardeep [The Word is Bond]  []

Ill Clinton created a batch of moody instrumentals that could essentially act as the soundtrack during Ragnarok. But instead of presenting you with the obvious dark and horrific-sounding beats to pair with the bloodshed, he constructs the tunes that could be heard when silence blankets the Earth and the dust settles. The calm after the storm and the rebirth that follows…” – Tiffology [Crayon Beats] []

ll Clinton must be consuming some quality water (and who knows what else) in Philadelphia, for his new album shows a richness in making some incredible beats and productions on a hip-hop level, and beyond.Ragnarok is sample based and features the kind of musical textures that would make people come up with different names for each sub-genre they felt was appropriate: trip hop, acid jazz, EDM, whatever…” – John Book []

Philadelphia’s Ill Clinton is a prolific producer of this age, slipping under most media radars with a tenacious approach to launching out digital and physical content that hits at the core of head nodding hip hop anthems of the most sophisticated order. Known to some as Vibe, the latest offering in his hypnotic instrumental hip hop archives has landed on the door steps of one of the worlds leading cassette labels I Had An Accident Records and the 14 track tape release Ragnarok. Where the rhythms take it back to the 90′s era of hip hop, the overtones have a mystic and ancient quality that makes it feel ominous and all consuming, diving back into the origins of musical creation of a higher order. A collection of beautiful beat mantras for this generation to soak in the beauty of neck snapping drum work, analog heavy overtones and a spacious aura that transcends time. Some of the most celestial tracks in the hip hop age come to mind when listening to Ragnarok, and it feels so easy getting lost inside of the album from the minimal layering of majestic tones….” – Sound Colour Vibration []

“Yo, this is so ill and definitely worth your money. It’s a cool lil’ tape for under five bucks that bangs hard with obscure beats. Take ”Black Pontiac” for instance. The drums are melancholy but the feel is very uplifting and is very easy to bob your head to. I highly recommend this dope mood changing tape brought to you by I Had An Accident Records” – Access Hip Hop []

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Ill Clinton- Ragnarok

I recently teamed up with IHAA Records ( ) to release a limited edition cassette [100 will be available]. The project is called Ragnarok and is set to be released on August 6th. In Nordic mythology, Ragnarok, is essentially the destruction of the existing world and the creation of a new one (among many other things) *see []. In developing Ragnarok i chose to make Side A the destruction and Side B the re-creation. There are 14 tracks of instrumental music for your listening pleasure. I will let you decide the end result.

You can listen to Juniper here and stay tuned for Ragnarok

Ragnarok2cd copy

Us Natives – Used Vinyl Review EP

The new EP from my new production group Us Natives (Ill Clinton & John E Cab) is all set to be released on April 20th. The album is titled Used Vinyl Review and is 9 original instrumentals.  The album will be available for free download @ . We are also working on putting together some merchandise for all of those who are interested (Stickers, T Shirts, ETC. This album is only a taste of what we are planning on delivering in 2012.


for those of you unfamiliar with John E Cab check him out @ these places

Audioleak presents…Elmatic “Dirty Laundry”

This mix is brought to you by Audioleak, for its soon-to-be-released webzine/downloadable magazine. I’ll hit you with the link when it drops. Big ups to AtotheZeem. You could probably break him off if you had something good to throw in his mag.

So…Dirty Laundry: I gave you the 16 most brolic tracks of 2011…I gave you the 14 weirdest bangers of 2011…This here’s the 19 funkiest-ass joints of 2011.

As A Lion – Esoteric / Distractions – Talib Kweli /Manute Bol – The Black Opera / Nerd English – Willie Evans Jr / Burning The Mirror – Jedi Mind Tricks / Kings – Falside / Swamp Breathe – Ill Clinton / Seijun Suzuki -Blue Scholars / Triggerman – DJ Revolution / Nasty -Nas / Inner Passage – Dday One / Right On – Paul White / Child Of The 90s – Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven / Like Father, Like Son – Onra / Dump Truck (Instrumental) – Gangrene / Murder One – Lewis Parker (feat. EastKoast, Vast Aire, T.R.A.C, Sav Kills & Baron) /Chicken Spot Rock – Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire (feat. Dallas Tha Kid) / Cessation – Aeon Grey & Sabicas /Who We Are (Instrumental) – Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul

Shouts to the homie Elmatic for the nod.



Separated at Birth LP



I recently produced a bunch of tracks for my people Tommy C (Firm Taqtics) and Vas new album “Separated at Birth”. There album is set to release on Oct. 22nd. Above is the flyer for the release party and the album cover. Don’t sleep on this album. Some pure hip hop music

Below is a list of the tracks I produced

Tommy C & Vas – “Cuzzo” – Separated at Birth – 2011 Tommy C & Vas – ” BDYD” – Separated at Birth – 2011 Tommy C & Vas – “You can’t hide” – Separated at Birth – 2011 Tommy C & Vas – “Comatose” ft. Sick Six – Separated at Birth – 2011 Tommy C & Vas – “Razors Edge” ft. Reef the Lost Cauze – Separated at Birth – 2011