Ill Clinton – Yggdrasil [Video]

New video I made for “Yggdrasil” coming soon on Ragnarok August 6th


Ill Clinton- Ragnarok

I recently teamed up with IHAA Records ( ) to release a limited edition cassette [100 will be available]. The project is called Ragnarok and is set to be released on August 6th. In Nordic mythology, Ragnarok, is essentially the destruction of the existing world and the creation of a new one (among many other things) *see []. In developing Ragnarok i chose to make Side A the destruction and Side B the re-creation. There are 14 tracks of instrumental music for your listening pleasure. I will let you decide the end result.

You can listen to Juniper here and stay tuned for Ragnarok

Ragnarok2cd copy

Sonic Journey Mix by DJ Jazzpants

“In preparation for the release of “Depths” Ill Clinton ( asked me to select my favorite beats from his catalogue. After much deliberation I narrowed it down to 11 (including the intro) and here they are, Enjoy. And get ready for “Depths” coming 02/19/2013. ” –DJ Jazz Pants

The man couldnt have explained it any better. Shout to @DJJazzPants for always being a stand up guy. Follow that man.


1. Intro (from The Prophecy)
2. Renaissance Sound (from Renaissance Sound)
3. Lucipher (from Skywalken Vol. 2)
4. Philly Tradition (from The Antisocialist)
5. Tranquilizers (from Skywalken)
6. Focused (from Ill Lumbergh: The Lost Files Vol 1)
7. Fog (from Skywalken Vol. 2)
8. Trial By Stone (from The Prophecy)
9. Might Long (from Ill Bundy: The Lost Files Vol 2)
10. Timeless (from Michael Jackson’s Milk)
11. A Beautiful LIfe (from Renaissance Sound)



Ill Clinton – Depths

Pre-orders have been set up for my new instrumental project Depths. CDs will be available and the first 15 pre-orders will receive a FREE copy of Used Vinyl Review. All digital pre-orders will receive a download of SKYWALKEN vol 1 & 2. This is my most personal work to date. Dont lunch.