Ill Clinton (or known to some as Vibe)  is a producer/instrumentalist from Philadelphia, PA.  He has produced records for many underground hip hop artists such as  Phil G. The Knowbody (as PHILAVIBE),  Ordeal [Michael Jacksons Milk LP], Dro Pesci, Firm Taqtics, Nico The Beast, Redlist [Cant Catch Me LP], B. Kane, Vas,  Rich Quick, Cortez, King Syze, Crypt the Warchild, etc.  Ill Clinton has been working on alot of instrumental music with releases like  “The Antisocialist”, “SKYWALKEN” and recently “SKYWALKEN vol 2.”  In 2012 he completed an instrumental album with friend and fellow producer John E Cab titled “Used Vinyl Review” as a group called Us Natives.  He has also finished an EP with Philadelphia MC Tommy C  (Firm Taqtics) that was released on October 9th.  In August of 2012 Ill Clinton released a free instrumental EP inspired by the movie The Dark Crystal that is available on his bandcamp. February 2013 was set with the release of Depths available via bandcamp and physical CD (sold out). August of 2013 will be an upcoming release titled Ragnarok, being released via IHAA Records on limited edition cassette (200 available). In late 2013 Ill Clinton plans to release his debut production album The Illvolution which will feature an onslaught of MC’s all known for their unique styles….

Please contact me if interested in any production.

Twitter: @Vibe215

Email: vibe215@yahoo.com


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